Introverts Are Not What Many Assume – Homeschooling Dialogue

The other day, I happened to be perusing through the local Meetup type groups in the area to get more ideas for my writing. I love to study humans in their natural habitat is my quip when I meet people at the coffee shop and they see me observing the passersby. I noted one very interesting group – it was a group for introverts. One of the big jokes was, that no one shows up at the meetings. Sure, that makes sense, introverts probably don’t much want to get in a room with a bunch of people coming up and meeting them and getting into an ad hoc conversation. Still, the group boasts success. Let’s talk about introverts.

Matt Walsh a radio commentary host made put forth an interesting article on September 11, 2013 titled; “I’m an Introvert, and I don’t need to come out of my shell,” and an acquaintance forwarded this article to me for an intellectual conversation on the topic. You might like to look up that article and then read it along with the many thoughtful and provocative comments below.

Meanwhile, there was a terrific article in the Wall Street Journal on the same week by a young girl in NYC who was homeschooled and at rehearsal for a play, her article noted that she was “homeschooled, but don’t feel sorry for me,” and she didn’t want any pity either. In reading that piece I was totally amazed at her experiences, and how she handled them.

Now then, personally (for the record), I am basically both, introverted and extroverted but generally test: ENTJ, which is what Bill Gates tests, which means the article written by Matt Walsh did contain that one error, because Bill Gates tests as an extrovert, not an introvert (there is now a whole big debate about that). But perhaps like me, he may appear to be an introvert and is really an extrovert, just bothered by low IQ chit-chat, who can blame him, as he is a high IQ individual. Meanwhile, many introverts like that article writer (reporter type writer) are in fields considered for extroverts, but are not.

It’s hard to say if homeschooled kids are or aren’t on average, maybe their parents generally are so more of them might be, but often society misses extrovert’ism, thinking it is being outgoing and talking to people. Just because they aren’t educated in an out of control Chunk E. Cheese environment where “No Child is Allowed to Advance” doesn’t mean they are automatically introverted. Please consider all this and think on it.