Why Do You Need To Answer the SSAT Examination?

If you want to get into the best independent schools in the world, then you will have to prepare yourself for the SSAT Examination. This exam also helps students in receiving independent education.

The exam scores are the most crucial parts of your application process. Even though the grades are important, they are not the only part, which helps you to complete the entire process.

Exam Design

The design of the examination is appropriate for students, who belong to classes and grades starting from 3 to 11. The admissions are available for three levels, which are Elementary, Middle, and High School respectively.

There are generally two types of administrations, the Standard and Flex management.

In the standard type, the students from across the world will have to appear for exams on eight mentioned Saturdays all through the academic year. In the Flex Administration, the candidates can appear for the exam on other mentioned days, apart from the eight Saturdays.

Importance of the Test

Many people might ask questions like, what is the importance of SSAT exams. The exam helps to determine the readiness of a student. This is one of the best ways of differentiating between you, and other students. It also aids to predict what will be your academic success in the first year of your studies.

The examination questions are designed to measure the skills of a student, and determine his or her level of academic performance. They test the students on reading comprehension, verbal reasoning, and mathematics.

Academic background not the criteria

The exam determines the academic performance of candidates, irrespective of their backgrounds. It helps different institutions in determining, whether the student seeking admission with them, will score good grades in the future.

If the student comes up with a good score, then the institutes won’t regard his or her previous academic record. You can always go through the SSAT practice test to ensure good results.

The tests do not gauge qualities like persistence, motivation, and creativity of a person. They actually determine three main qualities that a student is most likely to develop over time.

  1. quantitative skills
  2. reading abilities
  3. verbal qualities

The questions will also test the problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities of students. All these factors are essential for the future academic progress of a student.

Setting the Exam

The exam has a definite design, and has the standard of middle school difficulty level. According to statistics, around 50 percent of students answer the questions correctly. However, they will need to practice SSAT prep tests to gain confidence.

Conducting meetings and expert reviews are all part of making the examination paper for SSAT. The consensus forms of independent schoolteachers will be subject to a number of judgments and analysis, in order to make sure the questions are appropriate to the exam standard.


Many people have doubts regarding the reliability of the exam. The examination is very reliable and the score that a student obtains through this test is considered to be of the highest standard.