Is More Climate Science Needed From NASA?

NASA has one of the largest budgets in the world for climate science, but why? Why is NASA which stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and nothing in that title would lead us to believe that its mission, studying the climate here on our home planet. Now then, where as it is true that NASA has been doing Earth Sciences for decades, learning more about how our planet works, allows them to better come up with theories on what the environment is like on celestial bodies humans will visit into the future. Okay, that’s nice, but in-depth climate science and a yearly budget of $2 Billion is a little more than the taxpayer’s can handle.

Ask any scientist (well-paid by the way) who work in the Climate Science division of NASA and they will tell you it is exciting work, and more research is needed? Well, “more research is needed” just happens to be the conclusion of nearly every viable research paper I’ve ever read on global warming or climate change – and there is a good reason for that. They want to keep the funding coming, even though they cannot find causality between higher levels of CO2 and warming periods. In fact, there have been periods of high CO2 during ice ages as well, explain that? Oh, but they can’t and don’t want to look because it would cause chaos with their global warming theories from Jim Hansen at NASA all the way to the globalist socialist elite at the UN’s (United Nation’s) IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change).

What I find fascinating is that after the “Hockey Stick” climate cliff scam at the IPCC, and the “pause” in rising temperatures, they conveniently modified the brand name of Global Warming and now call it Climate Change. Yep, very tricky rename indeed since our climate has been changing for 4.5 billion years, and we are in a 10,000 year warming trend, obviously prior to any major human industrialization or CO2 output.

The free flow of money from the Federal Government to an over-bloated academia is also out-of-control, at a time when student loan debt bubble is about to burst. For years, all you had to do was use the magic words – “global warming” and you’d get funding, and now NASA employees complain about the challenges of papers in the social sciences scooping up available funds, but it’s not ‘just’ that which I am concerned about. I suppose they are opposed to others getting some of their funding or siphoning off NASA budget monies to academia getting NASA research grants for nonsense.

What we have is “waste” and it’s time for NASA to get back to Space.