Leftist Journalists Are Destroying Confidence In Science

Most people, including journalists and Science Writers don’t fully read or understand the research papers they are writing about. They read the minimum – abstract, conclusion, title and go with it, unfortunately this causes lots of problem and misunderstanding with the public as to what the science is all about. Rarely will anyone read through the data – this is a pet peeve of mine as I read the headlines in articles about Climate Science and Global Warming. Not long ago, I was discussing this issue with some NASA employees who work in the Climate Science division, as they’ve watched their science misused for high-impact newspaper headlines and provocative website click-bait titles on articles.

Still, and additionally, in climate science today, I find the careful use of choice data, extrapolations, merging of data, always errors on the side of proving the theory correct (it’s human emissions of CO2 at fault), akin to the political games of statistics; namely – figures lie and liars figure. The media makes it worse taking research papers out of context and then aggressively titling articles for major headlines, click bait. That’s not cool either, and while it may garner a public following, 75% of the public believes global warming is real, and while that may help bolster continued runaway funding to academia and the bureaucracy to continue to prove themselves right, at some point the science of it all got lost. Meanwhile, when folks purport things like; “It’s been settled” or “97% of scientists agree” we never see what the so-called scientists agreed too, but here it is:

(1) Does Our Climate Change?

(2) Is Our Climate Warming?

(3) Does Human Emissions of CO2 Have Any Effect On Warming?

Well, even a skeptic of Global Warming Theory, defined as: Mankind’s emissions of CO2 is causing catastrophic warming — I would agree to those three questions above. On the first question; of course our climate changes, it’s been changing for over 4-Billion years. (2) Is our climate warming: yes probably as we ‘appear’ too be in a long-term warming trend. (3) Yes, of course anytime you add something to a finite system (we are not completely finite, as some of our atmosphere escapes but with Earth’s gravity dwell, not much CO2) it will affect that system, even if it is 0.05%. Still, at such a small percentage it is ludicrous to upend economies, cause strife to humanity and decrease the standard of living and quality of life of 7.7 Billion people on Planet Earth.

What I don’t understand is how come science writers and journalists don’t write about that, or expose the hijacking of science for a global socialist agenda. Has real journalism died? Answer me that?